What Makes A Drone Fly?

A quick UAV anatomy lesson. 
Andy Godfrey
August 2, 2020

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a super drone! 

With frequent advancements in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology in recent years, the drone industry has evolved at the speed of light. 

Today, drones are capable of everything from shooting beautiful aerial photography to delivering packages and even efficiently spraying blankets of disinfectant in stadiums, airports, schools and manufacturing facilities. 

With all of these capabilities--one might say that drones have super powers. 

But what makes a drone fly? A quick UAV anatomy lesson. 

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Drones are ultra-customizable, allowing them to perform a variety of tasks based on the needs of the user. However, no matter the function, there are a set of common parts that make up all drones. 

Drones are equipped with flight controllers, or “brains.” Signals are sent to specialized sensors within the flight controller through the transmitter, or “joystick.” Working together, these parts control movement and flight behavior. 

What gives a drone its capability to fly? The propellers, or “wings,” of course! At Upward Drone Solutions, our technology operates with four propellers that rotate in various directions, allowing our pilot to control the drone and chart any course a project may require no matter the course. These propellers are powered by internal motors


The wonders of the sanitization drone. 

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At Upward Drone Solutions, we have worked with world-class engineers to modify our drone to provide the state-of-the-art sanitization services. 

By adding anti-collision software to our drone, we are able to easily maneuver in indoor and outdoor spaces and cover hard-to-reach spaces, while ensuring stable flight. Our electrostatic nozzles dispense FDA-approved sanitizers, which fully coat 3D objects. 

The best part about our state-of-the-art equipment? It’s dynamic. We can reconfigure our drone to solve a multitude of problems faced by businesses and individuals. For more information on our sanitization services, click here.


Andy Godfrey

A longtime aviation enthusiast, Andy Godfrey traded flying helicopters and planes for drone technology, becoming certified by the Federal Aviation Administration in 2018. Formerly a professional golf player, real estate appraiser and fish market owner, Andy now embraces the awesome potential of using drone technology to provide innovative solutions for businesses.