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Dark times in Duval

Jacksonville residents know how to bounce back from tragedy. The third-largest urban fire in U.S. history broke out here in 1901, destroying 2,368 buildings and leaving 10,000 people homeless.

In the decades since, the city has prospered. Jacksonville, located on Florida's "First Coast," is now the largest city in the state by landmass and one of the country's fastest-growing metropolises.

That growth has been dampened in recent months, though, as the city faces another historic disaster. The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted businesses in every sector: from the TIAA Bank Field, where the NFL's Jaguars play within view of the St. John's River, to the bustling Port of Jacksonville, one of the busiest in the Southeast.

Coronavirus cleaning can restore Consumer confidence

While much remains uncertain, one thing is clear: Consumers are more likely to patronize businesses if they feel management takes hygiene seriously. McKinsey and Company, a leading consulting firm, suggests that beefing up cleaning protocols and making them more visible to guests might be the fastest way to bolster consumer confidence.

Smart business owners are already implementing these ideas — in Jacksonville and across the country. Half of executives surveyed by McKinsey & Company in June either planned to implement or already had implemented Antiviral or disinfectant fogging in high occupancy environments.

Commercial cleaning companies have been quick to respond to this demand, and many now offer "coronavirus disinfecting," in addition to their traditional service offerings. The problem? Most of these companies are using manual interventions — like backpack foggers — that are simply too labor-intensive and costly for many cash-strapped business owners.

Drones offer a More Affordable alternative

We have good news: There is a better way to disinfect large facilities like theaters and concert venues. Our drones — equipped with coronavirus disinfectant spraying nozzles — can sterilize venues 14-times more quickly than competing methods and at half the cost.

This approach has been widely used to contain the virus in China and India and is being discussed in Europe. We're now using the same technology to disinfect large public spaces right here in the United States. Sound too good to be true? Contact us today to learn how we can help your business respond to the pandemic safely, affordably and effectively.

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Our drones are manned by FAA-certified pilots, equipped with state-of-the-art anti-collision software and safe for indoor or outdoor use.


Our electrostatic misters and hospital-grade Coronavirus disinfectant neutralize Covid-19 and other threats for up to 28 days.


Work smarter, not harder. Our disinfectant drones are 14 times faster and half the cost of competing Coronavirus cleaning methods

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