About Upward Drone Solutions

How we became the best, most cost-effective coronavirus sanitization service in the Southeast United States

A smarter approach to commercial cleaning

Andy Godfrey, CEO, started Upward Drone Solutions in 2019 to bring safety, efficiency and cost-savings to the outdated commercial cleaning sector.

We were the first company in the Southeast United States to utilize state-of-the-art drone technology to soft-wash commercial building exteriors. This process eliminated the hazard of workers hanging from windows with power-washers. It's also faster and cheaper than traditional methods.

Coronavirus Sanitization services

In 2020, we witnessed the coronavirus pandemic sweep the globe and disrupt businesses in every sector — from manufacturing and distribution to entertainment and sports.

Many businesses began to invest in coronavirus sanitization services to regain consumer confidence, protect workers and shield themselves from liability. A cottage industry sprang up over night. Though many were quick to capitalize on the crisis, most coronavirus sanitization companies — using hand-sprayers and other outdated methods — were costly and slow.

We realized there was a better way. Why not use the same technology that had helped us revolutionize the commercial cleaning industry to help businesses adapt to COVID-19?

faster, cheaper, safer

Today, Upward Drone Solutions works with clients in manufacturing, distribution, sports and other industries to respond to the pandemic. Our coronavirus sanitization services are faster, cheaper and safer than traditional methods — thanks to our cutting-edge drone technology.

Our drones are built right here in the United States, by North Carolina manufacturer Lucid Drone Tech. Each unit is equipped with an onboard chemical reservoir and electro-static nozzles that deliver a fine mist of hospital-grade coronavirus disinfectant. Our proprietary cleaning solution kills COVID-19 and most other contaminants on contact, and clings to surfaces for an extended amount of time.

A single, FAA-certified pilot can operate one of our drones, allowing us to work 14-times faster than traditional backpack sprayers, at half the cost and with minimal exposure of workers to potentially contaminated environments.

Our Team

Andy Godfrey


A longtime aviation enthusiast, Andy Godfrey traded flying helicopters and planes for drone technology, becoming certified by the Federal Aviation Administration in 2018. Formerly a professional golf player, real estate appraiser and fish market owner, Andy now embraces the awesome potential of using drone technology to provide innovative solutions for businesses.

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